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At the heart of what I do is help people see and get excited by the interconnections in everything, to design and create with life in mind, to care more, to take responsibility, to work more openly and creatively, to imagine what could be and the endless possibilities in the everyday to make a more beautiful world, for people, planet and profit. 


20 years of working at the leading edges of creative engagement, participation culture , eco innovation, social innovation, brand purpose and values led leadership with start ups, global brands, NGO’s, activists, artists and social entrepreneurs.  I can help build sustainable thinking and regenerative innovation capacities into teams, help them flourish in increasing uncertainty and support courageous leaders to make a more beautiful world. Bring me in to listen to your challenges and I’ll help you see new possibilities, ask better questions, see new connections and help get you unstuck, moving and learning faster.


I can develop purposeful communication, engagement and mobilisation strategies, dream up brand ideas and tactics for a more beautiful world, develop and run open design approaches and creative sprints that invite participation from multiple audiences and get to better ideas faster. I can design and integrate authentic social and eco innovation strategies into a product, org or brand. Or I can help your teams do all of this with pace, energy and fun.


I write, concept and design. I’ve recorded and released music, created an award winning app to get kids outside, written and designed an award winning eco innovation campaign for global brand Nokia, hatched several starts-ups, co produced a feature length documentary film, prototyped digital products,  curated content and experiences on and offline, co-created and co-designed with diverse audiences and user groups. I've worked solo, led internal teams and built and directed remote creative teams. If you’re looking for help to create beautiful ideas and communications please reach out.

hold spaces

I’ve been holding spaces for over twenty years, from global dancefloors as a DJ , to user insight sessions as a researcher,  hosting creative sprints, facilitating multi-stakeholder workshops, community co-design sessions, forest retreats, to self organising creative swarms with the UN - I’ve worked with small groups to big complex collaborations, from activist and kids to creative leaders and execs. I know how to create the conditions for all voices to be heard and for new possibilities to emerge.


From leading conferences for change, to internal inspiration sessions, leadership education, keynote to MC, I’ve provoked and entertained audiences on the possibilities of a more conscious, considered and regenerative approach to life and business, on participation culture, new open ways of working and collaborating, on the power of love, generosity and creativity for social and environmental change. On designing with life in mind. Get in touch if you'd like to book me to talk.

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